I’m a podcast now?

Hey, all y’all in the world wide webiverse!

I will be launching an all-new podcast, the Little Pod Workshop (see what I did there?), in July featuring interviews with some of my favorite creators and friends, talking art, inspiration, creative expression, representation in art and media and yes, maybe even a little fandom.

I’m hoping within the next month to be able to update you on when and where you’ll be able to listen, but I’m hoping for a weekly podcast with a different artist each week.┬áIf you have any suggestions for artist interviews, drop me a line at littlepodworkshop@gmail.com and let me know! Please provide contact information (or at least a Twitter handle) for me to contact them.

You can follow my exploits in the world of podcasting on Twitter and Instagram at @little_pod_work (Twitter) or @littlepodworkshop (IG).

I will also be posting transcripts to each episode HERE on my website for my Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) friends to be able to enjoy the conversation as well. To find them all, just click on Podcast in the Social Links menu at the bottom of the website.

I can’t wait to see where this next project takes me!

Until next time,

Love, Elizabeth

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