Little Pod Workshop podcast trailer

The Little Pod Workshop podcast trailer is up!

You can listen here on and on other podcasting platforms very soon. Each episode will feature an interview with a different creator, discussing their artist’s journey and what art means to them in their lives.

Full transcripts of each episode will be posted here under the Little Pod Workshop tag for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing friends.


Art and creative expression can mean something different to each and every creator out there. For some of us, it signifies carthasis. And for some, it promises freedom. And for others, it means something else.
Here at Little Pod Workshop, we’re examining what art, inspiration and creative expression mean through a series of interviews with creators in all kinds of different media, from jewelry making, to sculpture, to photography and video editing, to digital and traditional art, to screenwriting and more.
Follow along with each artist as we explore their artist’s journey and what art truly represents to them.
If you’re a creator, or want to be, or even just want to be a part of the conversation, this podcast is for you.

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