Comicpalooza 2018

Hey everyone!

This past weekend I had my first ever Artist Alley table at Comicpalooza, my hometown convention! I met quite a few followers at the con and made new friends and connections. I also got to say hello to James Marsters, Krysten Ritter and Tom Holland ❤.

The experience was one I really appreciated and can’t wait to do again.

I have leftover stock from the con available here in this post.

Pops are $50 each, keychains are $6, stickers are $4 and buttons are $1. The Supernatural keychains and stickers are available in sets for $15.

Shipping is $5 domestic and international is set by destination.

Pops are first-come, first-serve.

Use the contact form and say which items you’re purchasing and provide your PayPal address and if international, your country.

Pops available: Sterling Archer (x2), Lana Kane (x1), Shepard Book, Shindig Kaylee, James Aubrey, Jack Hodgins, Donna Noble and Clara Oswald

Keychains available: Sam, Dean, Cas, and Rosa

Stickers available: Sam, Dean, Cas, Gabriel, Jack, Rosa, Gina, Peraltiago, and Peggy

Buttons available: Sam, Dean, Cas, Destiel, Jack and his 3 Dads, Wayward Sisters, We’ve Got Work to Do, Hiya Ladies, Jody, Donna, Krieger, Hodgins, Alamo Time Team, Queen Charlie, Booth and Bones, Peggy, and Cap.

NOTE: I have one FULL set of Wayward buttons left.

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